Hak Milik Intelektual Dan Lisensi Sebagai Saranaalih Teknologi

Syafrinaldi Ph.D


The role of Intellectual  property   rights  in economic  development   is  very significant.  The intellectual  property  rights  consists  of copyrights,  patent, trademark,   industrial   design,   trade  secret   and  integrated   circuit.   The intellectual  property   is transferable  from  the right  holder  to another  one and one of the method  used to transfer  it is license. In recent years  license is  used  as an agent  of  technology   transfer  in running  their  businesses. License  simply  means permission   granted  by the owner  of the intellectual property  right  to another  to use it on agreed  terms and conditions,  for  a defined purposed,   in a defined territory  andfor   an agreed period  of time.

Keywords    : Intellectual    Property    Rights,    License    and   Transfer   of Technology.


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