Gambaran Perilaku Bullying pada Masa Kanak-Kanak Akhir di Kota Medan

Juliarni Siregar , M. Psi, Psikolog


The aim of this research is to describe the bullying behaviors from the bully and the victim sides that includes the frequency of those specific behaviors, who is the bully and who is the victim, and the the place where those behaviours take place. The sample comprised 385 students of elementary school (in the 6 grade). Sample was selected using three stages cluster random sampling technique. The instrument of this researh was bullying behavior questionaire based on Rigby Theory (1996). The result of this research indicates that 44.6% children who live in Medan have ever done those behaviors, although most of them told that they only do this things once or twice in 4 weeks (23.22%). Most of the bullies are boys (22%). The victim of those behaviours were both girls and boys (23.22%). And those behaviours almost happened in classroom (83.9%).  
Keywords : Bullying, Children, Medan

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