Tinjauan Stres Kerja Karyawan Pada Organisasi Bisnis

Rosmita S.Sos


Human resources is one of the factors that determine the success or failure of the organization in achieving its purpose well in public organizations and business, despite already having qualified human resources, but without the optimal management of the contribution to the organization will be very far from expectations. The opportunities and threats that are in the external environment will affect the organization's internal environment. Changes in the internal and external environment, demand the expertise of the organizers or perpetrators of the organization to be able to address and anticipate, when an organization wants to exist or even be an organization that is continuously evolving. The role of human resources in order to meet the expectations that are desired by the Organization can be realized. In the tasks of human resources can not be separated from the pressures-pressure and uncertainty of the boss or the demands of the organization that lead to job stress. This can negatively impact the performance generated.

Keywords: Job Stress, Performance, Organization

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