Peran Nazir dalam Mengembangkan Wakaf Produktif

Zulfadli Hamzah


Waqf is one of Islamic financial instruments which have important functions in the development of Islamic economy, especially for Muslim countries development including Indonesia. Indonesia as the largest Muslim country in the world has a great potential in management of endowment funds for development as well as other countries that have been successful in managing their endowments fund productively such as Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Kuwait and Pakistan. The successful of mangement endowment fund can not be separated from the role of a nazir who manages endowment funds optimally. Therefore, a nazir is required to be a competent and professional with their competency and fulfill the certain criteria in the hope the endowment fund can be managed more productively.

Keyword : Wakaf, Productive, Nazir, Professional, Competency.

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