The Role of Teaching Problem Based Learning to Develop Students Mathematic Communication Skill

Zetriuslita M.Pd


Mathematic Communication skill is an important skill for Mathematic learners, in fact todays teaching learning math rarely focus on it. Thus, this competence is still categorised into low. Therefore, the research purpose is to expose theoretically about mathematic communication skill into teaching problem based learning approach, which is assumed having strong contribution on it. The analysis shows that mathematic communication  skill  can  be  develop  through  teaching  problem     based  learning approach. It trains mathematic communication skill to its higher thinking level. Through mathematic communication, students can organizer their math thinker verbal and non- verbal. Here, teaching problem based learning can develop mathematic communication skill indicators. In conclusion, Problem based learning can develop mathematic communication to be a higher thinker.

Keywords: Mathematic,communication, problem based learning

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