The Effect of the Repetition Exercise Method towards Crescent Kick Speed of Pencak Silat athletes PPLP DISPORA Riau Province

Zulrafli M.Pd, Kamaruddin M.Pd, Ginan Nugroho


The problem in this study is the low speed of the crescent kick Pencak Silat athletes PPLP DISPORA Riau caused by lack of exercise repetitions. Crescent kick velocity can be increased one repetition training method. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there repetition effects of  exercise method against crescent kick speed athletes Pencak silat PPLP DISPORA Riau Province. This research is an experiment research. The design uses two times research design, the initial test (test Pree) are denoted O_1 and final test (post-test) are marked with O_2. Population and sample in this study is Pencak Silat athletes PPLP DISPORA Riau province, there were 8 people. Test is used for processing the data (the crescent kick test) and techniques of data analysis using t- test formula. Based on data analysis, the value obtained is 11.19 t-obs then consulted on the results of these calculations t-tabel with 0.5% free degree, then obtained t-tabel 1895. T-obs was greater than t-tabel, thus, there are significant differences between the results of the initial test and final test. The data analysis also gives the conclusion that an increase in 15.13% of the comparison results of the initial test and final test. It can be concluded that the proposed hypothesis is proven that there is a significant influence on the  repetition  exercise  method  crescent  kick  speed  Pencak  Silat  athletes  PPLP DISPORA Riau Province .

Keywords: Method of Exercise Repetition and Kicking Speed Sabit.

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