The effect of Manik-Manik on Realistics Math Approach towards Mathematics Achievement of The Second Grade of SDN Tarai Bangun-Tambang-Kampar

Jesi Alexander Alim, Jalinus M.Pd


Teaching learning process Mathematics subject done by the teacher for the second grade of SDN 034 Tarai Bangun is without an interesting method, a teacher explaint the material only without taking the students to find its consept moreover making math into a real activity. The aim of the research is to know whether the use of Manik-manik on Realistics Mathematics Approach give significant improvement of the second grade of SDN 034 Tarai Bangun Academic Year 2013/2014, total sample 26 students. The score analysis of pre-tes and post-test for both class (experiment and control class) rised. The average score of experiment class is from 60.95 become 75.42, there are 23% rise. Meanwhile 5% rise up for the control class, from the pre-test  average 55,16 become 58,06.  The  fact  shows  that  the  use  of  Manik-Manik on  Realistics  Mathematics Approach. To know whether there was or there was not significant diferrence between them, T-test was used to compare between T-obs and T-tabel where the alpha = 0,05, dk = (n1+n2)-2 = (31+31)-2= 60. To get T-tabel from the distribution of t and dk=60 then, T-obs = 2,000. In fact T-tabel is lower than T-obs, therefore H null is rejected and H alternative was accepted. In conclusion, there were significant difference between the score got in experiment class and control class.

Keywords: manik-manik media, realistic mathematic approach

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