Teaching Learning Vocal to Choir on Hymne Guru of SMPN 1 Toar Kuantan Singingi-Riau

Nurmalinda M.Pd


The Research goal is to know how teaching learning Teknik Vocal on choir  Hymne Guru song of SMPN 1 Toar-Kuantan Singingi-Riau. Talking about Vocal Technique on choir. Here the writer used vocal  technique belongs to Bebbi Okatara (2011:41). There were eleven vocal technique used (i) Training Technique, (ii) Mastering Material, (iii) Expression,  (iv)  Interpretation,  (v)  Articulation,  (vi)  Breath,  (vii)Pherasering,  (viii) Body language, (ix) Resonation, (x) Vibration, (xi) Intonation. Next, for the second formulation is (i )blend, (ii) balance, (iii) timbre, (iv) listen, (v) interpretation and expression.

Keywords: Teaching learning vocal, Hymne Guru song

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