Three- Step Interview Strategy Toward Students’ Speaking Ability

Syamsi Hasan, Apprye Marpaung


The objective of this research to find out is there significant effect of three- step interview strategy toward students’ speaking ability of the second year students of SMAN 11 Pekanbaru.The research is a experimental research this study has two variables that are independent variable and dependent variable.The independent is a variable that is identyfying as a causal variable was taught to cause the dependent variable. Meanwhile, the independent variables is variable that is independent as effect, the result variable was taught to be the cause by independent is three-step interview and dependent variable  is speaking ability. The sample is 28 students or one class. The research instrument that was speaking test focused on identifying pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and comprehension. The finding of this research shows that.1( the average pre test was 41,85 points, while average of the respondents at the post test was 54,71 points. 2) alternative hypothesis was accepted and null hypothesis was rejected because the statistic (t-observated) was greater than critical statistic (t-critical) of 5 % where 13,16 > 2,05. Therefore, there was significant effect of the second year students through three-step interview strategy in speaking on the students’speaking test at SMAN 11 Pekanbaru. In conclusion, that there is a significant effect of three-step interview strategy toward students’ speaking ability of the second  year students of SMAN 11 Pekanbaru.

Keywords       : Three-Step Interview strategy, Speaking Ability

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