Self-Regulated Learning Of The Contextual Teaching And Learning (Ctl) In Reading Comprehension

Edward S.Pd, Sri Agus Volina


The purpose of this study is to know the effect of Self-Regulated Learning of the Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) in toward reading comprehension of first year at SMA Datuk Batu Hampar Pekanbaru. The main focus of applying self-regulated learning strategy is make the students more understanding reading material by constructing some questions from the text in form class discussion. The instrument of this research was a test; most of the items are adopted from internet and books. The result of research shows that there is positive effect toward students’ reading comprehension. The improvement of students’ reading comprehension described as follows: The improvement of students’ reading comprehension described as follows: in pre-test the total score that the students is obtained 1464, and the average score students gained 73,2. In post-test, the total score of the students is 1572, and the average score is 78,6. The different or the improvement from pre-test to post-test is 5,4% in average score. Since the score of observed statistic (tobserved) as 2, 38 in alpha decision with degree of freedom 38 (df = (20 – 1)+(20 – 1)= (19 +19). 38 is not listed but fall between 35 and 40. The writer choose 40 as being the more conservative estimate, and check a level of the significant 5 %  and 1 % and the greater than the level of significant of t-table ( 2,02<2,38>2,71). So, null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected, and alternative (Ha) was accepted. Furthermore, it can be said that there was positive effect gained by the students after applying Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) strategy at SMA Datuk Batu Hanpar Pekanbaru.

Keywords       : Reading Comprehension, Self Regulated Learning, CLT

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