Exploring Comprehensible Input Of Texts Of Reading Comprehension

Estika Satriani


This research is conducted to find out whether exploring four comprehensible input of texts  can improve students’ reading comprehension and what factors influence it. The study employed is a classroom action research design in which was conducted in two cycles, following the procedure of action research – plan, action, observation, and reflection. Each cycle consists of four meetings. The data of this research was obtained through observation sheet, field notes, interview, and tests. The participants of this research were 29 students at semester I/F of the English Program of FKIP-Islamic University of Riau Pekanbaru in the 2014/2015 academic year. The research finding was exploring four of comprehensible input of texts that consists of punctuations, context clues, references, and sentence core parts could improve the students’ reading comprehension. These conclusions based on the increasing of the students’ mean score in reading comprehension indicators. The students’ score could reach the minimum standard of English score in the English Program of FKIP-UIR Pekanbaru which is 70. It was proven from the improvement of the base score of reading comprehension from 57.45 become 68.95 in post test 1 and 75.32 in post test 2. The factors influenced the improvement of students reading comprehension by exploring comprehensible input of texts consisted of material,   and  lecturer’s approach.

Keywords       : Students’ reading comprehension, comprehensible input

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