Syntactic Errors in Writing Report Text

Arimuliani Ahmad



This research was aimed to find out the students’ syntactic errors andthe causes in writing report text. The type of this research was a descriptive research.The subjects of the research were 20 students at grade XI of IPA 1 SMAN 1 Bangkinang. The data were collected by using students’ essay writing test of report text and interview.The data collected were analyzed based on qualitative data analyzing. The data collected were simplified and transformed from the raw data into manageable form. After that, the data were classified based on the indicators used and they were concluded. The findings of this research showed that the students’ syntactic errors were to construct phrase, clause and structure. It was also found that the causes of students’ syntactic errors were interlingua error, intralingua error, communication strategy-based errors, induced errors and carelessness. From the data gotten, it could be concluded the syntactic error made by student in report essay. They consist of error in constructing phrase structure, clause and sentence. In addition, those errors cover omission, addition, misformation and misordered of them.


Keywords       : Syntactic Errors, writing report text.

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